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Syncopate Afterhours Day 6 Movement & TV Lounge


Movement official Pre-party
& TV Lounge

Line up:

  • Loren

  • Shady P

  • ERNO

  • Babayaga & Blackwell

Afternoon vibes:

  • Alain TV

  • Zenak

Syncopate afterhours | Playa del Carmen Mexico | tickets
Syncopate Afterhours Day 6 Movement & TV Lounge

On Syncopate day 6 we are excited and very proud to have on board a shining star in the festival and music world in general. Yep those wonderful DJ's from the City of Detroit and in particular the Movement festival and TV Lounge residents will be bringing the Detroit sound to the Syncopate After Hours show.
As this is one of 3 premium days we have we strongly advise early ticket purchase for these events.

Syncopate Afterhours
January 7-16, 2017

Door open at 6AM
El Paraiso Beach Club, Calle 6 and the beach,
Playa del Carmen, Mexico
#syncopateafterhours #syncoafter
info: Whatsapp +521(844)1061919 Junior Syncopate

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